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Femme Dommes and male submissives in Ontario board (102 posts)

The group is for Female Dominants & male submissives residing in Ontario, Canada.The objective is to respectfully share discussion, information & support for those of us experiencing, or wanting to experience this amazing dynamic. Hook-ups are also possible! We welcome the membership and participation of male switches in the group, however given the name and intent of the group, we would respectfully request that in all communication within the group, you present with your submissive side. Thank you for your cooperation. Please note, this group is not suitable for Pro Dominants advertising or selling professional services, there are many other groups here on this site that are suited for business advertising and transactions. Such threads will be deleted by the moderator. Please also note that if you join the group and your profile says that you don't reside in Ontario, Canada, you'll be removed. There are hundreds of groups here on this site that serve specific communities/demographics, please respect ours. HOWEVER, if you do reside in Ontario, but for privacy reasons show your location as elsewhere, exceptions can be made, please contact a moderator prior to joining the group....thanks!

butch/femme queers board (68 posts)

Welcome to Butch/Femme Queers! This group is for QUEERS who identify as Butch or Femme. It is a space intended to celebrate and embrace Butch and Femme identities and Butch/Femme relationships. Queer, Butch, and Femme are all up for individual interpretation. It is okay to __ _respectfully_ __ disagree with someone's interpretation. Discussion, debate, and dissent from popular opinion about these identities and dynamics is welcomed, but dismissal and disrespect of individual members will not be permitted. As this is a group for Queers who identify as Butch and Femme - please be respectful to people who identify as such. You not understanding or not identifying similarly does not give you the right to call anyone's identity into question. It does not give you a right to try and convince people that they are wrong in how they identify, or to try and 'convert' others to your way of thinking. Please take the time to read the sticky threads and familiarize yourself with the resources listed before posting a new thread, as your question may already be addressed there. Please also note that this group is primarily for discussion, and as such announcements should be posted only as comments in the designated "sticky" thread for Events and Announcements, rather than as new threads. This should also help to circumvent this site's prohibition on excessive crossposting/spam. Personal ads/trolling, rants, interpersonal drama, Fuck or pass threads, game threads, and the like are not permitted. We prefer quality over quantity discussion/activity in this community. Violations of the posted community guidelines will be met with a single additional warning. Members may be removed from the group after a second infraction at the discretion of the Moderator Team. Please feel free to contact the moderators with questions or concerns. We are here to help this group run smoothly, but none of us can be online 24/7. Therefore, if you see a problem that needs to be addressed, please bring it to our attention.

BiSexual Men - Dom or not board (111 posts)

A place for men who identify as bisexual, bi-curious, bi-accepting or just bi-friendly to discuss issues that may affect our lives in the kink scene. Please note that this is a group for MEN ONLY. Being bi-sexual, many of us love women, but ask that you respect our privacy in this space so we can discuss our bi and gay issues.

Appreciating Bois, Butches and Trans Men board (140 posts)

As per its name, this group is for discussions regarding an appreciation for Bois, Butches, and Trans Men, regardless of gender, sex, or identity. The focus of this group is about transmasculinity, and how those who are transmasculine are appreciated by those of us who love them, and call them friends. This group honors femininity, and does not consider it inferior in any way. However, if you consider yourself to be both masculine and feminine, as our topic is about transmasculinity, please keep your posts in this group about your masculine side. So -- what is "transmasculinity"? Traditionally, "transmasculine" has referred to male traits in female-bodied people -- or, more properly, people who were "assigned female at birth" (AFAB). "Bois", "Butches", and "Trans men" are types of transmasculine people; each term has its own set of cultural implications and definitions. Discussions about these terms are welcome -- in fact, encouraged -- in this group. Our view of the topic is fairly liberal, and we welcome participation from all people who don't identify as transmasculine, including those who were "assigned male at birth" (AMAB). If you have any questions in any regard about transmasculinity, this is a good place to ask them. Above all, it's a place for appreciation. So, let's do some appreciating! Also, our members also need to understand we are not a hook-up or one night stand group.

Leatherdykes board (91 posts)

Homosexual women into BDSM and kinky sex with other women (of course).

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